10 quick things about HITMARK Creative Media:

  1. HITMARK is a Gold Coast agency
  2. HITMARK provides integrated content, advertising, marketing and media services
  3. HITMARK believes, politely, that Gold Coast business is leaving money on the table by adopting a business-as-usual approach to marketing and creative
  4. HITMARK wants to partner with ambitious local brands and businesses that would love to evolve their creative and marketing output... but maybe aren't sure how
  5. HITMARK's key point of difference is our network of heavyweight metro market advertising creatives that we connect with Gold Coast businesses
  6. HITMARK's work for Gold Coast companies, therefore, presents with the polish you might associate with national brands
  7. But we keep our overheads extremely low so our head-turning work that engages your audiences cost the same - and in most cases less - than other Gold Coast agencies
  8. We're easy to talk to; here's a link to our contact page
  9. HITMARK is okay with not being everything to everyone!
  10. But we'd love to explore what we can be to you and your enterprise.

For more, hit the about page.